Recently Released Products

Excelsys has recently introduced X Solo, a ultra compact 500 watt and 1,000 watt singleĀ  output power supply. The X Solo is available in two package types, a convection cooled 500 watt unit in an open-frame U-channel form factor and the 1,000 watt version which is in an enclosed fan cooled chassis.

Excelsys has also releasedĀ the UltiMod series, the ultimate range of modular configurable power supplies. The UltiMod is unique in flexibility, unrivaled in performance and ultra cost competitive.

Nidec Corp has introduced an entire series of efficiency optimized fans, including a 38mm X 28mm, 40mm X 28mm, 60mm X 38mm, 80mm x 38mm and a 120mm X 38mm.

Nidec Corp has also introduced a miniature motor which has a diaphragm pump attached; this combo is designed for air or fluid operation. This new line of motor / pumps is designed to function in pressurization mode or vacuum mode. Flow rates from 300ml/min to 3000ml/min.


Updated: May 2012